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Gianmarco Lorenzi, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci.  The Sexiest High Heeled Boots! 2024

BOOTS I love leather high heeled boots.  They go perfect with little mini skirts, and skimpy tops.  My uniform for the weekends. 
high heeled boots I got these high heeled boots while vacationing in the far east.  I've worn them so much and have gotten caught in the rain in them so often that they're starting to look worn so I sold them on Ebay. high heeled boots
high heeled boots This pair of high heeled boots was bought for $400 at
Tootsie Plohoud in Soho New York.
high heeled boots
high heeled boots Don't these high heeled boots remind you of Pretty Woman's hooker boots?  Leather thigh high boots are so slutty. high heeled boots
high heeled boots - gianmarco lorenzi bootshigh heeled boots Great for day and night, these high heeled boots have taken a great deal of abuse because I wear them everywhere.  These pictures shows before they were all scuffed and worn. The toes of these high heeled boots are extremely pointy and
constrict my feet.  They are
like little bondage suits
that my feet wear.  I ended up walking into mud in these boots right after this photo.  Kind of sad that I messed them up so I made a muddy boots page just for them.
high heeled boots
high heeled bootshigh heeled boots - gianmarco lorenzi boots Gianmarco Lorenzi makes these terrific high heeled boots.  They are just the iconic shape of sexiness.  I've had to reheel them twice
already, I wore them so much.
high heeled boots
high heeled boots These fancy high heeled boots no
longer exist.  Why? 
One of the heels broke so I cut them into little pieces.
$750 Dolce & Gabbana High Heeled Boots.  Photos and video of these boots before during and after I wore them in the mud and on the beach. high heeled boots
high heeled boots Ralph Lauren high heeled ankle boots.  A classic style here presented with a twist.  Find that in
your fall catalog.
Another perfect specimen of
Gianmarco Lorenzi high heeled boots.  $650 Bought in Manhattan.
high heeled boots
high heeled boots Gucci white croc textured high heeled ankle boots.  There are heavy metal plates at the bottom of these
booties, which you can see in upcoming pictures.
Hot red Dolce & Gabbana over the knee "hooker" high heeled boots.  Super rare.  I got them at the Dolce and Gabbana store in Manhattan.  I was in luck, the last pair was in my size.  high heeled boots
high heeled boots Low-calf black and white leather woven stiletto boots.  Interesting, isn't it.  High heeled boots pumping the pedal of a new 2002 H2 Hummer. Red ankle booties.  Wore them to the office... and crawled on the floor.  Details coming soon... high heeled boots
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