Serena's Sexy Boots  

This page is for you boot lovers.  You know who you are.  I know I'm one.  My boots keep me dry in the cold, rainy, slushy  New York winters but nothing's going to keep my boots dry!  I love the attention I get when I wear my sexy boots.  Seems my boots attract even more attention on those rainy or snowy days when they get all wet.  Throughout the Wet and Messy Shoe Page and you'll see them get really wet, muddy, and messy.  Sometimes I even get a high heeled boot stuck in mud.  Want to see really wet boots and really wet girls, take a look at Sexy When Wet where the girls not only get their boots wet, but they get their whole outfit wet.  On this page though, you'll see my boots mostly dry and in good condition although you may catch the occasional salt stain on the leather or mud on a heel. 

bootblak.jpg (38251 bytes) This pair of leather boots may be an exception.  They have been through a lot.  They're in the first wet and messy shoe video.  Brought them to the shoe repair guy but they still look pretty beat up.  Notice how you can see my toes through the leather.
Elegant suede dress boots.  They're new and expensive and they don't look like they're going to like the slush in the winter. suedebts.jpg (32670 bytes)
bootred.jpg (31794 bytes) These boots are brand new.  I plan to wear them this coming ski season.  I usually wreck a few pairs of boots every ski season on those muddy roads!
bootb4.jpg (137782 bytes) My new ankle boots. I've only worn them once.  Can't wait to get them into the snow.  I'll be wearing these boots a lot this winter. bootb4a.jpg (185106 bytes)
bootb2a.jpg (62911 bytes)

bootb2b.jpg (122233 bytes)

bootb2.jpg (142395 bytes)   bootb2c.jpg (158378 bytes)
These calf high leather boots are pretty new but I got thrown in the shower in them one night and they looked old and worn after that.  My friend has the same boots.  We bought them at the same time but notice how wrinkled and dull by boots are compare to my friend's boots on the right. Here I am again in those boots and a catsuit.  Yes, she  has the same boots. She hasn't gotten hers wet yet so hers are still shiny and new looking even though she wears them a lot.  I'll have to fix that soon.  I'll have to throw her in the shower too.  Anyone want to see a high heeled catfight? cats2.jpg (117053 bytes)

cats6.jpg (96077 bytes)

cats5.jpg (94348 bytes)
bootb3a.jpg (165249 bytes) Richard Tyler boots. I'd love to get wet in them, but they're $500 so I'll be careful with them and wear them to dinners and parties... for now. bootb3b.jpg (114472 bytes) bootb3c.jpg (95423 bytes)

Bye for now, Love and Kisses,

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