Serena's Sexy Stiletto Heels
Hi wet and messy shoe people.  Here are some photos of me in my stiletto heels.
I'll be wearing some of these shoes to make videos where I'll may wear stiletto heels to the beach, hiking, and other pretty unusual places.  It's a lot of fun doing photo shoots in my stiletto heels, especially when I get a shoe stuck in mud.  And after these stilettos go through all that, I clean them up and continue to wear these shoes every day.

abused.jpg (67130 bytes) My old shoes.  They have been through a lot of abuse stepping into mud and water and that is not good for stiletto heels.  Some are in pretty sad shape.  There's a pair of Bally pumps with a broken heel held together by the covering.  That's what happens when you wear high heels hiking.
b-bef.jpg (46346 bytes) These Diego Dolcini stiletto heeled pumps are my favorite.   Here's what they looked like when they were new.  

And here's what they look like after they've been through the mud and water a few times.  I couldn't resist.  I also wore them in the video and they're the ones on the cover page.


diego.jpg (78626 bytes)
Sexy patent leather stiletto heels for parties.  Been caught in the rain in them so they've been through some puddles but they're still good as new.  b4.jpg (50916 bytes)
b3.jpg (57482 bytes) Work shoes.  Conservative high heels.  As close to a stiletto as you can wear to the office.
bp1.jpg (34270 bytes)bp2.jpg (30538 bytes) Everyday high heels.  Some are pretty new so I haven't worn them in the rain or hot tub yet.  I've been caught in the rain in the white pair and I've worn them through the sprinklers.  They're looking a little worn. w2.jpg (34891 bytes) b5.jpg (34435 bytes)
It's hard to tell in the picture but these red patent leather pumps have been through a lot. rp1.jpg (49535 bytes)
copper.jpg (41285 bytes) These supple leather pumps were new until someone asked us to do a custom video.
guccisil.jpg (36341 bytes) Here are my silver Gucci stiletto heels when they were still new.   And after I wore them at the beach and through the mud.  As you can see, Gucci stilettos weren't made for the mud. g-after.jpg (46850 bytes)
guccisna.jpg (109939 bytes) Metallic red Gucci stiletto heels and snakeskin Gucci stilettos.  I get tempted to step into the shower with them but I have to be careful with these knowing now that Gucci stilettos don't like getting wet. guccired.jpg (50282 bytes)
Via Spiga Stiletto Heels.  I'd love to walk through some puddles in these but I don't think they would take it well. leopard.jpg (48432 bytes)
plat1.jpg (43826 bytes) Platforms, the opposite of stiletto heels. Wetshoe hates them.
purple.jpg (65119 bytes) These were a gift from my favorite WAMshoe fan.  Thanks!  Mind if I go swimming in them? b6.jpg (94845 bytes) brown1.jpg (104758 bytes)
silver01.jpg (94798 bytes) Silver leather Richard Tyler stiletto heeled pumps. silver02.jpg (60308 bytes)
gotmilk.jpg (239734 bytes) Black patent leather Richard Tyler stiletto heels and milk.
dg1.jpg (153560 bytes) These Dolce and Gabbana stilettos have been through the sprinklers a couple of times.  dg2.jpg (101569 bytes)
05.jpg (17062 bytes)

08.jpg (19961 bytes)

22.jpg (21406 bytes)

There are a few more pairs around the house including sandals, sneakers, and more pumps.  There's a pair of Versace pumps I can't wait to get into the mud but I don't know if I should.  Anyone have any opinions?  I'll keep adding any new shoes I get. 30.jpg (18336 bytes)

37.jpg (17229 bytes)

38.jpg (18476 bytes)

Bye for now,
Love and Kisses,

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