About Serena's Shoe Fetish

This page is about my shoe fetish and my spike heels.  I have lots of spike heeled shoes and spike heeled boots.  What do I love to wear every day? Spike heels! Stilettos!  I love the attention they bring me from men as well as women.

If you love spike heels like I do, here are some great pictures of Kitty's sexy high heeled shoes and high heeled boots and I'd love you to take a look at them..

Now take a look at my Stiletto Heeled Shoes.  Included are spike heeled pumps, spike heeled sandals and spike heeled boots.  This is pretty much what I wear every day.

Thigh high boots are a little too slutty for me except for special occasions but make no mistake, I love to wear my spike heeled thigh high boots in bed and I find that many other love it too.

My ankle boots with spike heels are a lot more conservative and these spike heels I get away with wearing to the office all the time.

Want to see me get my
spike heels wet and messy? Watch me do it at Wetshoe's
Wet and Messy Shoe Page.

I thought I'd share my thoughts about my shoes and boots.  Although spike heels are sexy, everyone knows they're not very practical or durable and don't stand up to a lot of abuse.  Ever try to walk on the streets of New York in spike heels?  One careless step over a subway grate and its all over.  Your heel gets stuck, the leather covering gets torn, and if you're lucky you won't bend or break that spike heel off.  And be careful never to get in an argument or catfight in your spike heels.  Not only will you be teetering on those sexy spike heels, more than likely, the other girl will try to step all over those pretty new shoes and ruin them.  If they're pumps or sandals, they'll probably fall off your feet and you may even lose them.  And if the other girl is in spike heels too?  She may just step all over you with her sharp heels or dig her heel into your shoe and put a big scratch or rip in the leather.  Like that?  Want to see spike heeled shoes and boots ruined?  Visit Abusedshoes.com

I love to wear my spike heels to the office but walking through snow is also very rough on my spike heeled boots and shoes.  One short walk on a snowy day and and your shoes start to show wear.  The slush and salt saturates and stains the leather and your once pristine spike heels get scuffs and scratches especially near the pointy toes.  You'll notice that they start getting worn out looking and sometimes the heels even break off if you take a long walk in them while they're still soaked.  Either way, you end up with a dull, wrinkled, salt stained pair of spike heels.  Sometimes the leather shrinks, sometimes it stretches, but either way they never feel like the shiny new spike heeled shoes you started the day with.  Spike heels look better to you in that condition?  Watch me get my shoes and boots wet and messy on the Wet And Messy Shoe Page.