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SHOES high heeled shoes This a picture of some of my high heeled shoes.  There are 3 pairs of Dolce and Gabbanas and 2 pairs of Guccis in this picture.  Can you spot them?
high heeled shoes This pair of Dolce and Gabbana high heeled sandals cost $700.
They have genuine Swarovski crystals encrusted in the
front straps, atop the high heels and on the ankle strap detail.
They are truly unique pieces.  They are absolutely stunning.
high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes These black leather high heeled shoes hold their shape well in water.  Good for swimming.  More photos of me stepping in the pool in high heels. The 4 and 1/2 inch
steel high heels are especially sturdy for abusing.....someone else.  The were so nice until I got
tied up in the shower in them.
high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes Supple dark red leather high heeled shoes, a signature piece of the Manolo collection.  $450 and they soak up moisture like a sponge.  A must for any girl with a shoe fetish. high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes Prada rarely makes a good stiletto heeled shoe with a pointed toe.
So when I saw these, I just had to have them.  I have not
seen them in stores since.  A true find at $375.  Since then, these pumps have been severely abused. many times.  See the abuse in video
#4, #5, as well as the members club.
high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes Absolutely one of my favorites.  These Manolo Blahnik
white stilettos with swirl detail is so unique, I always get
compliments and stares whenever I wear them.  I paid $400
but they are probably worth considerably less since
the abuse they've gone through in Video #4.
high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes These stunning high heeled shoes have ankle cuffs and four inch metal heels. Great for stepping on and crushing things. high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes I found these Christian Dior
sling back high heels in Hawaii.  The front metal plate detail was the
signature element of the 2001 collection.  I always feel very
poised and sophisticated
with them on.
Found on 8th Street in
the Village of New York City,
I haven't had the heart of mess
up this dainty pair of high heeled shoes yet.  Maybe someday.
high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes D&G S&M pumps.  The ankle straps snap close for a snug fit.  Metal hooks located atop the high heels makes hooking into restraints a breeze. Stunning high heeled shoes.  Pink Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks.  Can you see the gold and rhinestone details? high heeled shoes
Gucci office loafers.
Very professional high heeled shoes.
high heeled shoes     high heeled shoes high heeled shoes     high heeled shoes Patent leather
Mary Jane high heeled shoes, another favorite
for the office.
high heeled shoes Sergio Rossi high heeled shoes.  Each store only has one of each style in every size.  So, I've got the only one in my size.  One of a kind, at least around here.   Satin high heeled shoes.  Great
for evening formal and weddings.  Or, taking a dip in the pool.
high heeled shoes
high heeled shoes  I wore this ultra sexy pair of patent leather stiletto heels once and they ended up in the water.  Then they were sold on Ebay to one of my dear fans who requested further abuse which can be seen on video #5 and soon a photo-story will appear  in the members club.. high heeled shoes

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