Recently, Abusedshoes.com was able to sit down with Miss Kitty for a rare one on one chat session.  She is usually a very private person but this time she was happy to oblige for her fans.  This is her first interview with Abusedshoes.com!  She frankly talks about her sexy high heels, her penchant for dirty messy situations, and some personal info.


Abusedshoes:  So Miss Kitty, how many pairs of shoes do you own?

Miss Kitty:  *Laugh*  I own just over 100 pairs of shoes, believe it or not.  It can get very expensive.

A: I bet.  Are they all designer footwear?

K: Almost.  I have 1 or 2 really unique pairs I found in the Village (Downtown New York).  Other than that, the shoes are all designer, mostly Italian.

A: Which pair is your favorite?

K: Oh I love them all.  But if I had to I'd pick my Manolo Blahnik red leather pumps.  They turn dark red at the slightest hint of moisture droplets.  They are so delicate and supple, perfect for abuse.  Very tempting but I better not.  They don't look like they'll take it well.

A: Which pair takes abuse the best?

K: I'd have to say my black patent leather Dolce and Gabbana pumps.  I've worn them in mud, in sand, in the woods, on the beach, under water, you name it.  They are still in good shape.

A: Okay, our fans would love to know, what size are your feet?

K: I take an American 5 1/2, and European 35 1/2.  Although it varies with different brands.  For instance, in a Sergio Rossi, I take a 34 (American size 4).

A: And what are your measurements, our readers are very curious.

K: 36, 24, 35.  I weigh 108 pounds.

A: And how tall are you?

K: 5'6.

A: You are a very attractive lady indeed.

K: Thank you.  *smiles*

A: We are dying to know, what do you find the most sexy about abused shoes.

K: Oh that's easy.  It's the blend of sexy, dainty footwear and the defilement of them.  It's not just the way they accentuate a woman's curves and her elegance, but also the destruction of this perfection.  The entire process is ultra sexy. 

A: Thank you miss Kitty for your time, and we hope to see you soon.

K: It was a pleasure.


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