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Wet and Messy Shoes In The Mainstream Media And Everyday Life


In The News And Other Websites

The Great Manolo Blahnik himself says he loves it when women wear his shoes in the mud.

A 1999 article in The Washington Post about The Wet And Messy Shoe Page

Hardee's - Paris Hilton gets her heels wet on a Bentley (drag Paris into the screen to view)

Los Angeles Times editor Janet Eastman gets her high heeled shoe stuck in cement.

News Of The World - Wet booted catfight in Maxim.

UK National Lottery Ad - Broken heels and wet shoes.

High Heeled Anime and Manga

Wet sandy high heels in New York Metro

Ladies' Day at some horse race (2nd photo on page)

OnMilwaukee.com - Shoe artisans bare soles about repair business

Photos on Webshots by regular girls - mostly broken heels

Photos on Webshots by regular girls - muddy and broken shoes

Mariah Carey wets her heels at the 2005 MTV Video Awards

Haeundae - 2009 Korean disaster film. Heels in flooded elevator and many other scenes.

Nicole Richie gets her Christian Louboutin pumps stuck in the mud.

Kate Hudson and other models walk in the ocean in Christian Louboutin shoes. (1:29-1:45)

Kosheen - All In My Head - Music Video with wet heels, underwater heels, and swimming in heels.


In The Movies

These are movies that I've seen with wet and messy shoe scenes or other unusual shoe scenes in them.  If you would inform us of any inaccuracies or add your own favorite movies, it would be greatly appreciated. 

The Silencers - One of the best mainstream muddy shoes and clothes scenes ever (in my opinion).  The very sexy co-star (Stella Stevens?) struggles through a rainstorm and lots of mud in her attempt to escape in her elegant white outfit and very sexy white pumps.
Blue Sky - The lead actress wears sexy high heels throughout the movie and gets thrown into a pool in one scene for being too seductive.  No view of the wet shoes afterwards though.  Not sure if there are any other wet shoe scenes.  I never saw the whole movie.  This segment is included in Wamshoe CD #1.
See Spot Run - Throughout the movie, the female co-star has several mishaps.  Her high heeled sandals get run over by a luggage cart, she gets in mud by a bus, splashed by a passing car while hitchhiking and more.  These scenes are included in our DVD #7.
The Wedding Planner - Jennifer Lopez gets her high heel stuck in a manhole cover.  The shoes are apparently Gucci because she screams "my Gucci shoes!" as she risks her life trying to recover her shoe.
I forget if it is in Caddyshack 1 or 2 where a hot well dressed woman is walking around on a golf course in very nice high heeled pumps and she gets pushed into a pond by her rival driving by in a golf cart.  Does anyone know which movie this scene is in?

Poison Ivy - Drew Barrymore seduces her friend's father.  They drive into the woods and have sex on the hood of his car in a rainstorm while she is wearing his wife's high heels.  The shoes get soaked, then filled with rainwater which pours out of the shoes while they are doing it.

poison-ivy.jpg (21686 bytes)

4 more pictures here.

Romancing The Stone - The co-star has to go through a jungle to rescue her sister.  She gets caught in the rain on a muddy road in high heels and gets her whole outfit soaked and muddy.  She eventually ends up waist deep in a large muddy puddle.  When her guide asks her if she has any other shoes, she says yes, but they are all like the ones she has on.  After he chops her heels off her shoes she says "hey, those were Italian".  He says "now they're practical".  A little shoe destruction humor and a great wet shoe scene.
Barb Wire - Pamela Anderson gets sprayed with water.  I believe she is putting on a show in a gentlemen's club.  She's in a sexy dress and high heels.
A nice muddy boot scene in 101 Dalmatians.  I think there is at least one muddy high heels scene in 102 Dalmatians also.
Desperate Housewives - The First Season - In the first episode, one of the stars steps into the pool in high heels to discipline her children.  Nice underwater shot of her shoes.  Also, several other episodes with various high heel abuse.  Perhaps one of the writers is one of us?
America's Next Top Model - At least one episode in which the girls model in a tank of water in high heels.  Not sure if any of them are in this set.  Anyone know?
Brenda Starr - Not sure about this one, but I think Brooke Shields dives off a boat in a dress and high heels to escape from the bad guys.  She spends a good part of the movie walking through the wilderness in her heels.  Later, a close up shot of her shoes as she tries to rescue someone who's fallen into a hole during a rainstorm.
Lair of the White Worm - The dominatrix-like female villain character (played by Amanda Donahue) does exactly this with one of her victims. She submerges the head of her victim using her high-heeled thigh boot. I never forget a scene like that !!!!

Don't forget, it's a Ken Russell film, so there's lot's of great stuff like dream sequences where female flight attendants wrestle in heels - plus the thigh high boot in the pool scene.

- BootWalker

Wonder Woman - The First Season
Episode 5 - The Feminine Mystique Part 2 - She is forced to mine the ore out of a pond. She walks into the pond then turns and stands next to another girl trying to figure out a plan. Then she is shown in a closer shot walking out of the pond. Awesome scene.
Episode 11 - Formula 407 - She is on the beach chasing after some bad guys. 4 of the guys she is after are wearing scuba gear and they escape into the ocean. She runs in after them but gives up the chase, but not before getting a bit wet.
Episode 2 - Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman - Major Trevor and her are in a German castle trying to escape when they fall through a trap door into a water filled pit.

- Soggy HH Boots

King Solomon's Mines - There is a fairly lengthy & focused segment where the hero & heroine are put in a large water- filled pot prior to being cooked for dinner by the natives. Sharon Stone has calf high brown or black leather mid heeled boots on throughout & splashes about for some time in the pot. After the pot rolls down the hill she gets out & maneuvers about with her soaked boots.

- Guest

Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill. - There is a great scene where one pussycat runs down the beach into the water and frolics around, but then gets into a cat fight with one of her gang. Both 'cats are soaking wet, in leather boots and tight pants, rolling around on the sand. Great stuff.

- Bootwalker

  Love Pirates (old porn flick) - the scene in the magazine showed men & women in pirate costumes arriving on a sandy beach in small boats. The women's attire departed from the pirate motif at their footwear which consisted of classic hi heeled patent pumps. They alighted from the boats into shallow surf & slogged about the beach, sinking into the flooded sand. In one soft core sex scene there is a male/female embrace with her heels elevated above the sand & showing salt water dripping copiously from the backs of them.

- Guest

  French Bumpers (old soft porn flick) -  In the "important" scene they are at a beach. Both women have standard eighties boots on: simple leather, calf high, side-zipped with high, thick heels & softly rounded toes. Both couples run mirthfully into the surf & arriving at about knee depth they join hands and dance a circular pattern as the surf covers & uncovers the tops of women's boots. After a satisfyingly lengthy shot of this frivolity, both couples run out of the surf & back up the shallow beach. You could see the weight & suppleness of the completely soaked boots in the way they retarded the long strides of the gals.

- Guest

The Gift - with Hillary Swank and Keanu Reeves.  Keanu drags her through paint in her heels.

- Brian

  Honey - video by Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey dives into a pool in black Italian leather heels in Honey video.  Before she dives into the pool she's tied up in a chair inside the house. They show her shoes several times up close.  After she gets out of the pool (wearing no shoes) she goes into a cloth booth next to the pool and changes into another sexy skin tight outfit and heels, then gets on a jet ski being chased by her captors with these new heels on. Several close up shots of her boots getting doused on another part of the DVD showing the making of...

- Brian

  Death Becomes Her - starring Isabella Rossellini. Isabella's character, Lisle, swims nude, only wearing high heels, which can clearly be seen as she walks out of the pool.

- Brian

Flashdance - During her dance she sits down and pulls a rope that dumps water on her...they show it up close over her heels and then she continues to dance in wet shoes.

- Brian

Non Wet And Messy Shoe Abuse In The Movies

The Terminal - Catherine Zeta Jones breaks a heel and falls.
The War of the Roses - The husband goes into his wife's shoe closet and saws the high heels off her shoes.
Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle - The girls wear some mighty sexy high heels and do a lot of high heeled catfighting.  And a wet shoe scene where the angels walk through grass and sprinklers in their heels after a fight. All in nice heels, except the fat angel who seems to specialize in fat heels.

Never Say Never Again - A female villain gets blown up and her smoldering shoes are all that remain.

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